Innovation in Spinal Cord Stimulation

Wondering what makes Medtronic spinal cord stimulators (neurostimulators) different from others? Take a look at some of the innovations for advanced pain management, available exclusively from Medtronic.

AdaptiveStim® : Part of the RestoreSensor® Neurostimulator

  • Senses when you change positions – Adaptive Simulation, or AdaptiveStim, reduces the need to manually adjust your stimulation level when you change positions.
  • Learns from experience – Remembers your last comfortable setting while standing or sitting, lying down, or upright and active (e.g. jogging).
  • Responds automatically – AdaptiveStim adjusts to your optimal settings in each position.

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SureScan® MRI Technology

  • Safe* access to MRI scans – Medtronic spinal cord stimulation systems relieve pain and allow you safe* access to an MRI scan on any part of your body.

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*Under specific conditions; requires SureScan® implantable neurostimulator and Vectris® SureScan leads.

Innovation in Targeted Drug Delivery

Always a leader, Medtronic was first to develop targeted drug delivery as a treatment for chronic pain and has more than 20 years of expertise in developing this medical technology.

So, why choose a Medtronic pain pump? Read on to discover innovations in targeted drug delivery, available only from Medtronic.

myPTM Personal Therapy Manager

myPTM Personal Therapy Manager

The myPTM® Personal Therapy Manager is available for patients receiving morphine therapy. It is a handheld device that works with the SynchroMed® II drug pump to help you do the things that are most important to you – so you can get back to enjoying your every day.

  • Convenient – Small, lightweight, handheld controller works with the SynchroMed II drug pump
  • Control over pain – Allows you to receive an extra dose of pain medication when needed and within physician-set limits
  • Single-button operation – For ease of use

Ascenda Intrathecal Catheter

The Ascenda® intrathecal catheter is the latest innovation to our Medtronic drug delivery system for managing chronic pain. A catheter is the thin, flexible tube that delivers pain medication from the pump to the fluid around the spinal cord.

Patients and doctors alike rely on Medtronic for its expertise, technology, quality, and reliability to manage pain and restore the ability to do everyday activities.

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